Nowadays your car can be easily checked in the nearest maintenance station, but there is no need to spend money for some really simple work such as oil replacement. You can do it by yourself within several minutes. It does not require any special knowledge of automobile construction, you just need to follow the procedure. The engine oil is required to be replaced once a season or after each 10-15 thousand miles on average. In your vehicle manual you can find the exact period of time and mileage that suits your car requirements. Here you can also find the suggested oil type.

  • If you decide to change the oil by yourself you should previously examine the vehicle construction and find the access to the drain plug and special place for the oil filter.
  • Buy an oil and filter beforehand. Use only the recommended oil brand, as for the filter type you may get assistance in any automotive shop.
  • When everything is ready you can start by opening the drain plug under your vehicle. Use the container to catch the engine oil. Now find the drag plug and unscrew it to let the oil flow out of your engine into the container. Wait for several minutes and screw the drag plug.
  • Now you need to replace the oil filter. Remove the cap from the oil filler hole, then unscrew the oil filter and empty the oil from the filter into a drain pan. Then screw the new filter into the engine to that place where the old one was.
  • Use a funnel to pour the fresh oil into the oil filler hole up to the marked level. Replace the oil filler cap and run the engine for a minute. Be sure that there are no leaks appeared from the oil drain plug and around the filter.
  • Check the oil level again, it should be a little bit lower than the indicated maximum level.

     What are the advantages of replacing the engine oil by yourself? You can save your money and be sure that no part of your car is stolen or replaced. Besides, after changing the oil you will feel much more a man. You hands will be dirty, but nothing boosts your manly confidence so much as doing a manual job with your own hands.