Are you looking for a car at affordable prices? The North American auto auction websites offer a great variety of used cars, that cost up to $1000. You may be surprised to see so cheap cars at first, but all the prices are real. The reason for selling cars at low prices is that there are expensive services for car maintenance and their owners decide to sell vehicles instead. Thus, you can find here salvage cars and vehicles, that may need a repair. Salvage cars are vehicles, that were damaged in car accidents or because of the other reasons. Some vehicles may have mechanical damages or were flooded by weather conditions. Everyone is aware of hurricanes and storms that sometimes happen in the USA and Canada.

You can also find on auto auction websites vehicles with slights scratches or absolutely clean cars that are sold at incredibly low prices. There are also many reasons why their owners want to get rid of them. Some people decide to buy new vehicles and place for sale their carefully maintained cars. Sometimes car owners want to leave the country and don't need to possess cars any more. Besides, many auto auction websites may offer great deals to invite clients and huge discounts for their inventory, so you can also buy cheap cars during their promotion campaigns.