Some car auction websites may offer a list of repossessed cars at affordable prices. What is a repossessed vehicle? This is a car that was not paid in full by its buyer, and the seller, it can be either any bank institution or auction company, re-lists it for sale again.

In many states of the US, creditors have the right to seize cars from the buyers as soon as they default on car loan or lease. The terms of default are specified in each particular contracts, but failure to make a payment on time is a typical example. The auto auction companies also can take back your vehicle, if you don’t make timely payments on the car. They also have right to sell such repossessed inventory again to a third party.

More and more repo cars have streamed into the US car market, offering other car buyers to save thousands of dollars on a good and sometimes even luxurious used cars.

For auto auction consumers repos can be a good deal, if they know the market value of used car. To buy a repossessed car in such a way is a popular strategy among cost-conscious bidders to reap the biggest savings. Besides, the auto auction companies may offer special discounts and minimum fees for their repo cars. Moreover, if you are considering to purchase a repossessed vehicle, you can also pay attention on a car location, perhaps it has been already delivered to the port of departure or even shipped to your country. So, feel free to check auto auction website's REPO inventory and buy cars with great discounts and minimum fees!