You may pay less attention to cleaning a cabin than to exterior washing. However, the same dirt and dust are carried inside the car with passengers' shoes and clothing. There are two ways how to keep your vehicle interior clean: to take the car to the service station or try to clean it by yourself. The last option may seem to be troublesome, but thanks to a wide selection of cleaning agents on the market you can clean your vehicle even better than professionals do.

To make your car interior clean you need not have some special equipment, as you can use a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. In addition, carpet shampoos, polishes and other cleaning agents will help you to make wet cleaning.

Start with interior vacuuming. Take out floor mats, and using the proper attachments vacuum areas underneath them, reach space under the seats and around the pedals. After that vacuum floor mats thoroughly.

If it's possible take out seats for easier cleaning. It's better if you will clean them section by section, applying the cleaning agent to small areas and wiping before going to the other part.

Leather seats are recommended to be covered with special leather conditioner to preserve the good external appearance. For fabric seat covering it's better to use a shampoo. If you have some spots on seats you can spray upholstery cleaning agents and then rub vigorously.

Clean the interior using brushes and the special detergents recommended for rubber or fabric. Use small brushes to reach the dust into crevices and around the edges. Don’t make the carpet too wet, as it may lead to mould smell and corrosion.

Use a wet microfiber cloth to clean the doors inside and interior parts without leaving stains. Some of the leather care agents tend to make this surface slippery or sticky, so it’s better to clean the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter knob with clean and barely moist cotton towel. Let the interior dry.

Clean mirrors and windows. When cleaning car windows, saturate one side of the towel with water and clean the glass. When you have finished cleaning, gently remove any streaks with the dry towel side. Try to use high-quality microfiber materials to ensure the elimination of any streaking traces. This method is suitable for the outside of the glass. If your car has tinted film try to make more gentle movements when cleaning the glass inside.

You may whistle a happy tune as you clean your car to make the process more pleasant and interesting. Afterwards, when you sit in the clean sweet favored booth you will feel comfort and serenity. Spending a couple of hours to clean leather seats at least twice a year will enable to preserve a car's interior for many years at minimal cost.