What are the terms of your car clearance if you are a citizen of one of above mentioned countries?


As for your car clearance, some of the auto auction companies may offer the services of their clearing agents, but keep in mind you are free to choose your own agent in following cases:

- Your car is being shipped by RORO or RORO TOWABLE

- Car is shipped in your own 20" container

- You ship your own 40" container with all your vehicles inside it.


If you use consolidation to ship your vehicle, the auto auction company will have to use their own clearing agent in your country. It is not optional because in such case the car and all original documents will be delivered to Auto Auction company  representative. As soon as all cars in container are cleared, they will be released to your consignees and documents will be sent accordingly.

In case you prefer to take services of some local clearing agent, make sure you can trust him, as there is enough unreliable agents, who only want to put their hands on your money.  


Moreover, if you want to pass all clearing procedure smoothly, it will be better for you to be aware of your local government regulations. Contact the customs service in advance and get the full information about vehicle clearing and taxes due to be paid. Besides, become familiar with the government import restrictions on used vehicles. You should also consider the year of your  next car, what safety standards it should meet and what documents you need to have to register your vehicle with respective local authorities. If you are armed with this information you can save your time and money and can easily cope with clearing procedure in Nigeria, Ghana or Benin.