If you would like to place an initial deposit into your auto auction account to buy a car, please familiarize yourself with the possible payments options. Usually auto auction companies give you three mediums for making transfers to your dealer account:


- Credit or debit cards


You can settle payments using your credit or debit card. Please, make sure that your Visa or MasterCard is settled up for online payments. Then, you can place a deposit through trustworthy financial institutions such as Skrill, PayPal or others for your verification and secure payments. Take notice on a maximum amount allowed by the auto auction company to be send, without additional fees and the currency.


- Bank wire transfer


Most of the car auction website prefer to accept their client's payments via bank wire transfer, as it is the most reliable method of payment. Hence, you may be required to place a deposit using a bank wire transfer only.  The company's wiring instructions are usually stated clearly in your profile, so you can print them out and provide to your local bank and arrange a wire payment for the specified amount of money. Familiarize yourself with the approximate time of funds transferring and bank charges, to add them to the total transferring amount.


- Special methods for registered members


Ask if the car auction website provides its clients with special payment methods. Some companies may have agreements with certain financial institutions such as banks or financial institutions, allowing the company's buyers to arrange payments under special terms. These terms may offer you to make your transactions faster or without some due fees, applied by a bank towards its regular clients. It may allow you to pay in your local currency.


Before you place a deposit with an auto auction website please make sure that this company is reliable enough to do business with. Thoroughly read the website's financial terms and conditions to be aware of all opportunities for you as its customer.