If you take a proper care of your car, you will less likely face unpredictable breakdowns. It'll be better if you read the car manual thoroughly, find out the good service station nearby and be aware of a fair maintenance price.

      You'll save your money if you get your vehicle serviced each year and make the interim check for each season. It's much more cheaper to fix some minor damages, it also allows to preserve the car value if you want to resale it lately. Besides, you can save your money on fuel consumption, as a well-maintained car works more efficient. Moreover, when there is a need to claim on warranty, you can provide the manufacturer with a complete service record to prove your care usage.

      Your vehicle's service manual is really useful to keep your car in ф good condition. You can find there the manufacturer's adviceы on the following issues:

  1. How often you should do regular maintenance tasks, such as: check tires pressure and fluid level, brakes inspection, oil changes.

  2. When you need to change the vehicle replaceable parts.

      Using the service manual you can plan ahead for the car's maintenance costs and repair bills. If you car is equipped with dashboard devices, their warning messages will inform you about possible problems with braking system, oil and coolant levels, engine and tire pressure. In your car's manual you will find explanations about all these messages and what you need to do. Most of them are lit up in advance, so you need not to stop the car immediately. Nevertheless, pay attention to them as in-time repair may prevent a danger with other drivers and pedestrians.

      In addition, ensure your safe driving by taking care of the vehicle's tires. Poor condition of your tires may lose traction during bad weather conditions and lead to a crash or blow out on a busy road. Let the car's manual inform you about the recommended tire pressure and check it from time to time. Following these simple recommendations you will always know the actual condition of your vehicle.