When you are searching for a car "Bid option" is one of the most popular options on online auction websites. It allows you to have many benefits if you want to make a purchase at an affordable price.

        THE BID OPTION provides you with an opportunity to make pre-bidding, which means that the customers' pre-bids are collected before the particular auction starts and then the company represents you during the real bidding. This option is very convenient to many buyers, who are busy at the time of a real auction. In addition, to choose this option you have to place a minimum amount of deposit to show your real intentions. Placing your bidding, you indicate the maximum amount of your bid, so look for similar vehicle prices previously.

        If your bid is the highest bid of the live sale and meets the seller reserve price then you are the winner. Please be aware that other auction participants may outbid you. You will be notified about the results of the auction when it finishes. So using this option you cannot influence on real-time bidding process, but your money will be saved if someone outbids you. Please note, that the amount of your deposit will stay at your account until you win a vehicle. Usually the selling company charges nothing if you don't get a car.

        Summarizing all the above, please take the following into account:

* The bid option allows you to make pre-bidding for the car you desired and go about your own business during the real auction.

* You should place a minimum deposit.

* In case of outbidding you money will be saved for another bidding, no fees usually applied until you make a successful purchase.