Some Canadian auto auction companies not only sell vehicles, they provide vehicle shipping services to Nigeria at a very competitive price. If you need to know more about the price to ship your car to Nigeria, you can contact them and submit the details of your vehicle: such as location of your car, year, make, model, and destination port/city. They will inform you about the car shipping costs.


The shipping process usually includes the following:

The car export company picks up your car and transport it to its storage facility/warehouse.

They should send all car original documents to customs. Then your car will start the customs clearance process, that could take 2-3 weeks.

Once the vehicle clearance is received, it will be assigned to the next vessel available with space.

After the loading of your car is done; the export company will notify you about the expected date of arrival, ship name and/or container number.

The original documents such as the bill of lading and title will be sent by express courier to the person assigned on your release form.

You will receive this package several days before the arrival of vessel to the destination port.

You will have to show all original documents and pay import duty as applicable to claim the vehicle at the destination country.


Here are few possible facts that can cause delays during the shipping process.

However, the standard documents required at the exit port, customs may ask for some extra documentation. This can delay the loading of your vehicle for few days or few weeks. If you ask for changes in the bill of lading, this can cause delays in the original documents being delivered on time. Moreover, weather or climate conditions may cause delays sometimes.