Online auctions offer various options how to buy a car from North America and ship to almost every country. You can even obtain the experience of live bidding no matter where you locate. Some companies provide its clients with opportunity to participate in real-time auction via phone or wireless connections. So what to choose: phone or online bidding? Below we compare these two buying options for hesitating buyers.

Live on the phone bidding is the option that involves assistance of a sales representative. Please note that in order to take part in the bidding you must place a minimum deposit. After you send the Phone Bidding request, you will receive an email notification with approximate time of the sale. You will be called 5 minutes before the auction starts and make bidding in the real time through sales agent. During the live sale sales manager will tell you the current bid amounts and you will tell him whether to bid or stop. Thus, you will be following  the bidding process and win the car that you want in a matter of seconds as the sale itself goes fast with about 3 seconds between the bids.

Taking part in online real-time auction you will have an opportunity to feel the thrill of the real race. This option allows you to compete with local and international competitors in real time. The minimum required deposit for live bidding might be a little bit higher than for phone bidding. Some websites allow you to experience the real auction at anytime where you can place your bid and track the bidding process on your own. Thus, if you get outbid, the system will indicate the outbid amount and if you remain the highest bidder you will get email notification with the results of the auction. Real-time auction dialog window allows you to participate in several lanes at the same time and take part in different auctions each day.

Finally, let's look at the similarities and differences in these two real-time bidding options:

Live on the phone bidding

Online real-time auction

- You will bid with local and international competitors on live auctions in a real time.

- You can control over the bidding process.

- A minimum deposit is required.

- You will be aware of the auction results instantly.

- Make bidding in the real time through sales agent.

- You will be called several minutes before the auction starts.

- The sale is very quick with approximately 3 seconds between bids.


- The service allows you to participate in a real auction personally.

- You can bid on several auction lanes at the same time.

- You can participate in many auctions daily.