Most of the auto auction websites do not provide the car buyers with shipping services. Therefore, when you are buying a car overseas, you have to manage the shipping for your vehicle to make sure that it will be delivered to the port of your destination.


However, there are some companies that can arrange a vehicle delivery to your country. It's more convenient as you can do everything in one place and there is no need to spend your time for searching a shipping company. Besides, these car auction websites may offer you a reduced shipping rates to popular destinations, just because they have constant huge volume of vehicles they ship, so you can save some cash. You, as a company registered member, may enjoy these benefits, due to the website's constant cooperation with shipping companies. In addition, you may be offered a container consolidation to reduce your shipping costs, in case your vehicle can’t be shipped by RORO. Thus, you may shorten your car delivery expenses by several times if you share one container with other buyers.