You may think that you have already learned all safety rules for driving, but when it comes to practice only your experience, awareness and fast reaction can help to prevent disaster. Try always follow these advice to stay safe and arrive at your destination on time.


  1. Turn off your cell phone while driving as one unexpected call can take your focus away from the task at hand. 
  1. Avoid driving late at night when you are tired. It's better to stay at home when you feel sleepy or take some medications, which can lead to drowsiness and make operating a car very dangerous. 
  1. Don't speed. Even if you are in a hurry try to keep up an appropriate speed. When you are driving an unfamiliar road, there may be some blind curves, which you may not notice at a high speed. Besides, the fast drive can increase your crash risk by as much as 50 percent. 
  1. Use your seat belt. The invention of seat belts helps to save thousands of lives. Wear it properly, so you will be protected in case of unpredictable crash. 
  1. If you consider to take a long trip, make sure that your car is in excellent working condition. Check the level of oil and other fluids, the work of the engine, the pressure in tires and the safety equipment readiness. 
  1. Increase your fuel efficiency by avoiding sudden starts and stops and driving within the limits of your vehicle. SUVs are not designed as sporty vehicles to travel safely at high speeds, but can provide you with good drive on bad roads. 
  1. Use turn signals. Always signal to show your intentions to other drivers and not endanger pedestrians or motorists. People can't guess that you are going to make a left turn or move to the next lane when your turn lights are off. 
  1. Settle your mirrors to decrease blank spots while driving. Constantly scan your driving environment and monitor the behaviour of other drivers and pedestrians. 
  1. Follow the local traffic rules. Before traveling abroad familiarize yourself with local rules for driving, as they may vary from country to country. 
  1. Don't follow too closely. The experts recommend to use a “three-second rule” to adjust the speed for keeping safe distance. This rule is very simple to use. Just find a stationary object on the roadside, like a tree or something else and try to pass it three seconds after the vehicle in front of you does.