Let's start with the fact that to buy this baby you will have to try hard.
Firstly because this modification will be available worldwide in amount less than 1,000 copies, and the second reason is that you will have to pay for it not less than 185,900 dollars. This is perhaps the most expensive and the most "drive" version of the legendary coupe.

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In addition to tires, in the car will roar 4-liter boxer aspirated engine with a capacity of about 500 horsepower, which you can not get not less than 8250 rpm.

Nevertheless, you won’t be able to drive with other bolides Porsche with "robot" PDK.
But that is no reason to be upset, especially to those who choose 911 R with classic gearshift knob.
But 911 R can’t be called a slow car: 100 kilometers per hour the car reaches in 3.8 seconds. You will have to twist the motor and it comes to life after the 4000 revolutions.

Auto critics warn that if you turn off the stabilization system - you can easily lose control of 911 R at high speed.

Transmission is also not impressed. Second gear rests on the cut-off at 130 kilometers per hour, the third can rotate up to 210 kilometers per hour.

The noise and vibrations from the transmission and the engine at idle look rough. At the same time stock 911 doesn’t have such disadvantages.

Apparently, Porsche was able to create a perfect vehicle for his fans. Yes, it is 3.5 times more expensive than Chevrolet Corvette with atmospheric 460-strong resin-block, which is easily challenge it on the line, but Corvette will not boast such a low weight, so resourceful engine and handling on the road.

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